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Setting The Record Straight

Ever since 1950, North Korea has been a fertile field for authors of books — most of them with an agenda to blame the North for all the agony in Korea for the past 58 years. Very few of them lay the blame on President Harry Truman and his impulsive and misguided paranoia about Communism.

The totally botched occupation of Korea under Truman after World War II only polarized the people in Korea, North versus the South. This was a nation that had been united for thousands of years with deep cultural and family ties, up and down the peninsula. Truman, Dean Rusk, Douglas MacArthur and the rest rendered the country that had never had any hostility to America into two for their selfish political purposes, and set off a brother against brother vendetta that goes on to this day.

This book about North Korea tries to set the record straight: “Give ’em Hell” Harry’s Liberation of Korea.

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Excerpt from “Give ’em Hell” Harry’s Liberation of Korea:

The whole story of the consequent Wake Island Conference between Truman and MacArthur is an embarrassment for all involved, and particularly for the institution of the Presidency. As some press reporters commented at the time, Truman was blatantly trying to capitalize on MacArthur’s successes before it was all over. But things just did not work out as planned. MacArthur treated the President with obvious disdain from even before the beginning of the Conference; and then gave him the “bum’s rush” at Wake. Truman, however, pretended not to notice, so hungry was he for pictures with the popular war hero MacArthur.