The Author

Arthur J. Paone was born in Brooklyn, NY; graduated from Xavier High School in Manhattan; Georgetown College in D.C.; Cornell Law School, Ithaca, NY., and practiced the profession of law in New York and Dallas Texas. He is now retired and lives in Belmar, NJ and Manhattan, NY. Over the years he has written and self- published several books on different topics:

Wobby Wennedy, 1965, (under the name of Das Cellini), a satirical account of Robert Kennedy’s 1964 race for the U.S. Senate from New York;

Conflicts of Interest, 1975, an analysis of the foundations of the Buckley family’s wealth from aggressively promoted penny stocks based on ambiguous mineral leaseholds in environmentally sensitive Florida wetlands and Senator James Buckley’s related activities in the US Senate;

Liberating Korea?, 2003, explains how wholesale American destruction during the Korean War has convinced North Korean Governments ever since that they must develop some type of doomsday deterrence to keep the Americans from doing it again, ( revised in 2013 with new title: “Give ‘em Hell” Harry’s Liberation of Korea);

So Sue Me!
, 2004, (under the names L. Meier and D. Cellini), a step by step roadmap of various legal theories under which the Palestinians could sue the State of Israel and its officials in U.S. Courts to obtain justice;

Hillary in Gilo, 2007, an account, with numerous photos, of Paone’s 2007 visit to Palestine and the Israeli settlement of Gilo outside Bethlehem which then Senate Hillary Clinton had visited in 2005 to praise the Wall being constructed by Israel, all on confiscated Palestinian lands;

Israel, Our Frankenstein, 2010, written after Paone’s 2010 journey to devastated Gaza and which debunks the Israel Lobby’s deeply embedded myth that the theocratic and undemocratic State of Israel shares any common values with the people of the United States.

Along the way Paone has run for Congress twice (endorsed each time by the New York Times: 1974 and 1976); toyed with races for the US Senate; unsuccessfully sued the State of Israel in Federal Court to enjoin it from selling its Bonds in the US because the funds were being used by Israel to commit War Crimes under both our laws and international law; and has obtained a US Patent (#8,156,580 issued April 17, 2012) for a modified sink.

He spends most of his time in Belmar, a “Jersey Shore” community, with his three dogs and cat, and with his wife who commutes weekly to Manhattan where she still works.

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