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book coverNorth Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, is following his father, Kim Jong-il, when he pursues a policy of nuclear proliferation and missile testing. Thanks to Harry S. Truman’s impulsive and disastrous decision to intervene into Korea’s 1950 civil war and the eventual utter devastation our bombers wrecked on Korea during the Korean War, the DPRK does not trust the United States and desperately wants a nuclear capability as a deterrent.
The millions killed by American bombers and the tens of thousands of horrifically deformed survivors of our napalm and carpet bombing have been constant reminders to the Koreans of what the Americans would do. Even today our deliberate provocations of the North by our frequent robust military exercises with South Korea right at the border, including flying nuclear-capable B-52’s over Korea, only convinces Kim Jong-un and the DPRK’s other leaders that their fears are justified. I have written a book, “Give ’em Hell” Harry’s Liberation of Korea, about a sorry event in American history which  turned back civilization, almost to something like our own Dark Ages, and set the inevitable course to many of the calamities that visited America in the second half of the 20th Century and into our own day, including today’s nuclear proliferation crisis with North Korea.
The book, which contains about 200 photographs primarily taken at the time of the Korean War by Army photographers, is about 360 pages in paperback and is also available in digital format.

In 1945 one of the most devastating wars of all time was coming to an end and the winners were led by a brilliant and insightful leader, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was planning to guide a rebuilt world into a new era of peace and cooperation.

But he suddenly died and by accident the leader of the most powerful nation on earth was replaced by a very different person, Harry S. Truman. Truman was totally unequipped, in intellect, culture, temperament or inclination, to carry out or even understand FDR’s grand world program. Truman arrived at the pinnacle of world power “without a clue” and showed himself to be a person with an inflexible parochial intellect and a cartoonish view of the world. Civilization took a huge plunge backward — comparable to the invasions by the Mongols and the Barbarians.

This book is about just one of his many blunders — the Korean War.

It looks at the ill-advised intervention by the United States, the only mega-power left after the holocaust of World War Two, into a local civil war on the peninsular of Korea, 7,000 miles from the US and which had utterly no strategic importance to the US.

One consequence of that destructive intervention over 60 years ago is that today North Korea, though impoverished, nevertheless feels compelled to spend enormous amounts of its scarce resources on developing nuclear bombs and missiles capable of being delivered to the US, or at least to US allies.

To most Americans this seems slightly bizarre. But my conclusion is that North Korea is quite rational – it simply wants to DETER the US from doing the same thing as it did during the Korea War: killing three to six million Koreans; burning down hundreds of villages, towns and cities; and leaving behind tens of thousands to live the rest of their lives without limbs or with napalm deformed bodies. We in the US may have only vague recollections of the 36,000 Americans killed or the 93,000 wounded in that war; but the Koreans vividly remember their millions of dead and the countless deformed survivors.

I set forth my description of these fateful events primarily through American military-oriented sources; the diaries of US Generals; over 200 photos of war scenes taken by US Army and US Air Force personnel; daily Press Releases from General Douglas MacArthur’s Command in Tokyo and finally American newspaper accounts.



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