Cause of the Korean War

As soon as Lieutenant Dean Rusk drew that line along the 38th Parallel and it was inserted into MacArthur’s General Order No.1 for the surrender of Japan, we insured that there would be a war in Korea. It took only five years to happen and everyone saw it coming. We foolishly, with the help of Russia, divided a homogeneous people into two states and created a desire on both sides that had the force of nature — they wanted to be reunited.

Who would institute the reunification? What would be the resulting nation? Would it be for the peasant, the tenants, the poor people who had been lorded over by the Japanese collaborators? Or would it be ruled by the rich landowners, the rich merchants and the ideologues who had been out of the country for 40 years during the Japanese occupation. Unfortunately we aligned ourselves with the rich and against the ordinary people of Korea.

For more information on the cause of the Korean War and why it has led to the current nuclear proliferation crisis, read my book, “Give ’em Hell” Harry’s Liberation of Korea.

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Excerpt from “Give ’em Hell” Harry’s Liberation of Korea:

When he was called upon to assist in the Korean civil war, [General] Le May saw no reason why the US should not just continue where it had left off in World War II, the massive firebombing of enemy cities. He had orchestrated the burning of Tokyo and numerous other Japanese cities. Now the cities, villages and towns in Korea, with their wooden and thatched homes and buildings, close together streets and lack of fire-fighting abilities, would make perfect targets. That the Koreans, unlike the Japanese and Germans, had not declared war against the US or killed a single one of our soldiers, did not make any difference to LeMay. An enemy was an enemy.

Cause of the Korean War

US Bombers during Korean War