Facts About the Korean War

In the Korean War the Americans lost about 36,500 combat dead, plus 92,200 wounded and 4,760 MIA. The “other side” — the North Korean Army, the civilians of North AND South Korea and the Chinese soldiers, lost about six million.

These are the stark facts.

Yet most of these deaths and awful casualties, with people living for the rest of their lives with missing limbs or deformed features, on both sides of the conflict, could have been avoided.

What could possibly have justified this calamity in any kind of moral calculator? It is even worse as far as moral judgments can be made, because it could all have been avoided. Yet Truman, with all his cartoonish “anti-communist” fervor, just marched in as the Savior of Western Civilization.

For more facts about the Korean War and how it produced the current nuclear proliferation crisis, read my book, “Give ’em Hell” Harry’s Liberation of Korea.

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Excerpt from “Give ’em Hell” Harry’s Liberation of Korea:

However, MacArthur would not let his airmen feel unwanted. “He [MacArthur] stated that he realized that there were not many targets left for the ’29’s but he wanted to get them back to business. ” Therefore MacArthur, during the same morning meeting on November 3rd did agree to let Stratemeyer show off his pyrotechnics on some other towns. Stratemeyer suggested to MacArthur “that as a lesson we could burn some other towns in North Korea and I indicated the town of Kanggye which I believe is occupied by enemy troops and is a communications center – both rail and road. He said, ‘Burn it if you so desire,’ and then said, ‘Not only that, Strat, but burn and destroy as a lesson any other of those towns that you consider of military value to the enemy. “