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caesar cicero & cleopatra

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“Caesar truly comes to life on the battlefield: at the battles of the Nile and Zela, he brilliantly outmaneuvers his enemies.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Mr. Paone certainly succeeds in telling his story from a unique perspective. . . . It is also remarkable how the scenes are vividly described so that I can almost imagine Caesar on top of his white horse during one of his many great battles. This is a book that shows him as a real human being in spite of his extraordinary life. I recommend this to readers of all ages.”

Reviewed by Maria Beltran for Readers Favorite


“Author Arthur J. Paone brings to life some of the most iconic historical figures of ancient times in Caesar, Cicero, and Cleopatra: What Really Happened?. He takes a different approach to the these larger-than-life personages by keeping the writing contemporary, making the story very accessible to modern day readers like myself. Following their exploits without the daunting reputations awarded them by the passage of time makes them more human. It helps me see the puzzles that even exceptional visionaries like them have to work out in order to implement their plans, and gives me a clue about how they would conduct themselves in very human emotions like love, worries and vengefulness. For a work of fiction, Mr. Paone’s tale really made ancient history vivid for me!”

Reviewed by Maria C. Cuadro